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200w Modular LED Floodlights

  • Product Name200w Modular LED Floodlights
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    Modular LED Flood lights have pluggable LED modules and unique heat sinking design better ?than those normal outdoor flood lights.Customers can use different number of LED modules to get various power with different brightness.200w Modular LED FloodlightsFEATURES1. Patented fin aluminium heat sink structure to ensure low LED junction temperature in LED flood lights.2. Unique fin aluminium heat sink greatly reduce product weight and increase heat dissipation in flood lighting fixtures.3. The lamp body adopts anti-aging silicone rubber sealing tape. The surface is anodized and spray-coated,Website:, and the overall fixture meets IP66 standards of LED flood lights outdoor.4. There is no start-up delay for the light source tunnel lamp, and power-on can work immediately. Solve the long start-up process of traditional lamps. Instant start and restart in best flood lights.5. The color is more realistic and vivid. The color rendering index of LED tunnel lights can reach about 80 Ra, close to natural light. After the vehicle enters the tunnel, the driver can quickly adapt to changes in light color to ensure traffic safety.6. Green and pollution-free: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. No lead, mercury and other pollution elements.ADVANTAGESThis kind of high-power LED flood light has many good quality features. It will not cause a lot of power consumption in long-term use, and its long service life can ensure that users will not be caused by quality problems. The replacement of equipment has caused an increase in costs. Therefore, people have to pay more attention to the excellent features of this equipment to better help users get better help from them.